Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1975 Joe & Mary Hiestand (NZ) Letter -May 9

Joe and Mary Hiestand of New Zealand, are related several generations previously to a branch of Hiestands in Switzerland who moved to New Zealand.  There is paperwork detailing their relation to the Hiestands of Highland County, which will be on the blog at some future date.  

Oeo Rd.
No. 28 RD
Manaia [Taranaki, New Zealand]

Dear Harold & Jean,
Have received your letter and wish to apologize for not replying right away.  We are really looking forward to your visit.  I had every intention for a trip last April, but Mary had some re-attacks in March I thought it might be better to postpone it for a year.

Mary is much improved since then.  We made three weeks Holiday in August.  Mary stayed in Auckland with the Daughters while I and one of my son-in-laws went to Australia for ten days to visit friends there.  We had a wonderful time.

I suppose you have already made all your traveling arrangements.  One Son-in-Law (Norman Harvey) drives for Mount Cook Tours which is advertised throughout U.S.A.  He drives one of the tourist buses in the North Island.  The usual route is down the middle of the North Island not down our side.

However looking forward to receive a full itinerary of your trip to see what is best worked out from it.  Looking forward to your reply.

Kind Regards
Best Wishes
Joe & Mary

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