Thursday, June 27, 2013

1973 Grace's letter - June 28

Grace, former Lions Club Exchange student, is looking forward to the South America visit of the Uibles and Larry Martin. This letter was mailed to Florida, the last stop before Peru, where MV stayed with Roberta. Transcription follows.

Lima, June 28 1973

Dearest Family:

Nice to hear that you are coming and we are so anxious to see you again.  We will be at the airport to receive you.  Hope this letter will arrive on time before you leave.  I received yours yesterday and I am writing you from the office so it will a brief letter, because I want to deliver it right away.

Don't worry about a gift for my mum, but if you want to a lipstick will be fine.  Thanks a lot.

I am glad that Larry is coming.  But I am sorry too that Mary Virginia is not coming.  I would have like to see her again.  Sorry that you are not going to be for my birthday that is next 30.

Better I close now (a very small letter  but we will talk a lot when you are here.  I will mail it now.  and I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE COMING.

See you soon, love

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