Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1963 Serena's postcard - June 18

My recollection is that 4-H started at age 10, but my memory must be faulty on that account OR the age changed to the younger by the time Serena  -- and later MV as we'll see evidence of later this month, joined the organization.  Transcription of card follows.
1963 Postcard 4-H Camp John Bryan State Park, Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Captioned: Returning from Swimming.  This bridge crosses the Little Miami River which separates the 4-H camp and John Bryan State Park.
1963 Serena's postcard - June 18
[postmarked June 18, 1963]
Dear John,
I am having fun.  I have gone swimming twice (tuesday 9:30).  I am making a lot of stuff.  [Serena]

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