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1973 Roberta's Letter - June 3

June 3rd [1973]

Dear Family –

Hi!  Hope all of you are fine.  I've got a very busy week ahead so thought I better write you tonight to keep you up on the news –

First of all – hope you all thought of me today – as you know I would have received my Associate Degree from U.C. today. (Yes??!!)  I did receive 2 graduation cards - which I've got to admit surprised me alot - they were both from kids at U.C. – also graduating - though I didn't send them cards!

I did get an invitation for me - plus all of you all - to at out at a banquet w/U.C. paying – it's a shame we didn't take advantage of it - you know there wasn't too much U.C. gave away FREE!!

I heard yesterday from Florida Atlantic Univ – I was accepted for summer quarter – WOW – I was pretty surprised!!  So now I've got to take some kind of tests down there June 13th – and Registration is June 15th.  Classes begin June 18th – goodness - that's NOT that far away!!  I just want to take 1 course over the summer – Comparative Criminal Justice – which meets once a week from 5:50 to 10:00 P.M. on Tuesdays.  I'm going to have a pretty busy summer w/ work, and the first aid course at J.C. (junior college) and Florida Atlantic.

You know at 1st I wasn't working very many hours a week - but now - they are seemingly making up for loss time.  My schedule for this week - starting today.
11:55-5:40 Sunday
10:00-4:00 Monday
10:10-9:10 Tuesday
OFF Wednesday

10:10-9:10 Thursday
4:00-9:10 Friday
9:40-5:40 Saturday

See - what I meant when I said I had a pretty busy week ahead of me - On those long days 10:10-9:10 I'll be working w/ Security.  As for the other days - time will tell.  I've been in the Noticue [?] dept alot - which I really like alot.  I really like being on the selling floor – who know - maybe I'll go into business yet!!

As for school - Math keeps getting harder - I did get a 'B' on my 1st test - but I'm not sure how I did on the 2nd one.  The course is now half over – I don't know what kind of grade I'll get out of it - but I heard D's will transfer OK  (HA!)

Mary Virginia a woman I work w/ was telling me about the summer camp at the "Y" which her kids really enjoy every summer.  If you think you might like it - you could think about going to the 3rd session - which is from July 9th to July 20th.  I'll enclose the folder about it [not included] If you don't like the idea - it's fine but Sylvia said that her kids rally love it!  As far as you getting there & back - that wouldn't be a problem.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill will be back on Wednesday – the time has gone rally fast since they have been gone.  Mr. Garnett will be picking them up at the airport - I've got school that night & Rob has band practice.  From all of the post cards we've had from them - they have really had a good time – especially the trip down the Rhine River.

OH - this is more for Grandma - but Rev. Clark resigned down at the Church - and today was his last Sunday.  Also Mrs. McGrew (sp?) says hello & hopes all is fine – Also all of the women in Grandma's Sunday School class are always asking me about Grandma.  All say Hello.

Since I work Sundays I don't make it to the Sunday Evening Services.  As the summer progresses there seem to be less & less people!!

It's getting late.  I'll wait till morning to close - in case I think of anything else!

Monday 7:30 A.M.  Did forget to mention that Antiock (sp?) College has sure been in the news down here - one night even saw it on the news at 11:00 - (on television)

Noticed it was 85º yesterday in Cincinnati -

Well - I've got to get moving - guess I better at least look at my Math this morning –– Love ––– Berts

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