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1983 Roberta's letter - June 10


Dear Family,

Glad to get to talk to Serena this AM – but sorry to hear about all the car trouble getting to New Vienna!

That's one advantage of flying – esp. happy to have a non-stop flight!!  I'm sure ready for a VACATION – life here has been like a funny farm!

Maybe some of you remember Jessie Cooper – one of the residents here - to make a LONG story short - She is now in a Nursing Home - under lock & key!  We are again - almost full – really have alot of border line cases!!

Marian flew out on Tuesday for Illinois – to spend a month with her folks.  She had talked about flying – but decided better to fly.

I've been in the grapefruit business - peeling & sectioning / freezing them.  Bought 14 boxes of grapefruit – I should have enough frozen to last till next fall when they come back in season!

Have enjoyed the pool – really refreshing – I try at least a couple of times a week to get in a few laps of swimming while I'm waiting for lunch to heat up.

Today was Rob's birthday – did get a rushed card off in the mail for him 1st of the week.  I'm not like G'ma who never forgets a BIRTHDAY!

We are having to RAISE the rates at Sr. Village – as of July about $30 per person.  With Social Security raise not coming till January – I'm sure it's not going to be a popular idea.  Going to drop the Bomb tomorrow – I'm glad to be going on VACATION after that bombshell.

Remind me to tell you all about the story of Vera (the gal in her upper 90's) – how she was in a nursing home - then got put in a private home – now thank goodness - back in a nursing home!  I'm anxious to hear the real life stories of Mary Virginia – life in the nursing home!!

The County Supervisors here have sure been mud-slinging plus with the BUDGET time being here.  Sr. Village looking for a generous amount to get a Sr. Village started in East Valley – Mesa or Tempe.  I'm not sure if I'd give up the pool to move back to the East Valley.

Trinity Bible Church (where we go - when we go) does not have Bible School at the Church - instead they have it in member's homes.  I have volunteered our home which they quickly accepted - it's while I'm gone.  In some ways I'm glad of that.  The gal in charge called me yesterday to ask if I could leave refreshments for all 5 days.  Went out tonight & bought what should be enuf.  Microwave popcorn, cookies, apples, ice cream w/cones, & crackers (sweet & salty).

I've made the arrangements for the dogs to be together while I'm gone.  They will both be staying in a home in Mesa.  Bought plenty of treats while I'm away.  Will Piper be coming to the wedding?

Much love, Roberta

Delta 7:19 pm
Flight 648 from PHX
See you all Soon!
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