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1973 Roberta's letter - June 10

Roberta writes more about the celebration of Rob's birthday and an upcoming family visit to Florida. Transcription follows.

June 10, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  Hope you're all fine – Serena - sure hope you haven't fainted lately.  I can just see everyone down at Wells in a panic!!  By the way - what are you doing down there?

Dad – we appreciated your letter - also all the articles - especially the one about Modern Math - I'm planning on taking it to class tomorrow night - I sure hope it doesn't lower my grade.  (HA!)  And the article about the girls working w/ the highway people - there are quite a few girls working right in Lake Worth.  As Grandma can tell you - the Dixie Highway has been messed up for a long time!!

I worked again today – another slow Sunday.  This week I just work - today, tomorrow (Monday), Thursday & Saturday.  I had to have off Wednesday & Friday in order to go down to Florida Atlantic.  Dad – how long has it been since you were there – I guess it has really grown in the last couple of years.  It's really a pretty campus.

As soon as possible let me know - as close as possible - about when you will be coming & how long you'll be staying.  As I'm hoping to get off work - or work as few hours as possible while you're here - but I'll have to be letting them know.

Also - are you planning on staying here or where?  Aunt Mary says there is plenty of room for everyone here - and Rob says that he hopes "Uncle Harold" will buy another barrel of chicken while you're down here.

I'm beginning to make out a list of stuff I'd like you to bring down – I hope you are prepared for it!!  Most of the things are small - like an electric typewriter & a sewing machine!  (Ho, Hum!!)

About the Buick – yes - I sure hope you are planning on driving it down (& keeping it here.)  I really do need a car w/work & my going to school.  After Cris comes home (June 24th) the Hortons will still have 3 cars - but that's none too many - 1 for Uncle Bill - 1 for Rob & 1 for Aunt Mary.

I read an article in the paper today about the gas shortage - it said how people who had been planning vacations should go ahead - there would be plenty of gas but be sure to "fill up" every morning – and not to expect to get much gas on Sundays - to buy Saturday night.

I read in the paper about Lloyd Riggs dying.

Rob's birthday was yesterday - He got a music stand plus MONEY.  He sure makes good use of the music stand – John, Rob says he knows the positions on the trombone - whatever that means!   They had German Chocolate Cake & really good ice cream for Rob's birthday – and what did I have – a chocolate (extract) milk shake!!

Well - got to go to bed – tomorrow I'm going into work w/ Uncle Bill - as I work from 9:00 to 4:00.

Hope to hear from you soon – about when you're coming down – etc. –

John – How's Driver's Ed?  Mary V. – be sure to bring your bathing suit down –

Love, Berts

PS Serena did you receive a small package from me?  Also a card (&check) from Aunt Mary – she's wondering......
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