Sunday, June 09, 2013

1973 Catherine's letter - June 9

This letter written on the back of a Father's Day card.  Transcription follows.


Dear Dad,

Sorry if this is a little late.  Actually, it is about 11 years late.  Marianne and I bought this card for you the year she spent the spring in New Vienna,  I think it was 1962.  We forgot to give it to you then and ever since I've been shuffling it from one drawer to another hoping that I'd be able to find it on Father's Day.  Well, I finally did

We'll be looking forward to your coming in August.  Let us know what the exact dates will be.  Do you have any mailing addresses in South America?

Yesterday we went to the court house in Alfred and tracked down some deeds.  Also looked at some tax maps.  At least we know something about the place so we can give you a tour when you come.

It is 89º here now, and quite humid.  Just like summer.  We went to the beach last Sunday – the ocean is still quite cool.  Kuman made herself sick drinking salt water.  It was kind of funny, she'd taste the water in one spot and fine that it wasn't very good so she'd run down the beach 100 feet and try it again, etc.

X is busy working helping Mike Gallo build the A-Frame.  Last I saw it they were shingling.

We found some people who are willing to let us use a corner of their garden so we're planting a few tomatoes, onions & beans.

I've got to go to the grocery now –––

Love, Catherine
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