Wednesday, June 05, 2013

1973 Cris Vlaardingen Postcard

Cris sends an undated postcard from The Netherlands.  Transcription follows.
Vlaardingen Netherlands postcard - mailed c1973.  Note the "X" which indicates Cincinnati Milacron
Cris writes a postcard from Vlaardingen c1973
Cincinnati Milacron Co.
Sun. afternoon

Dear Uibles,
Thought you might enjoy seeing where I've been keeping myself for the past 2 months, so X marks the spot!  The front might look familiar to you, for I understand it's a standard design of Cin.  (International Diplomacy you know!)  Also there are 2 people from Wilmington working presently at Cin. N.V. so I feel right at home.  Love, Cris

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