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1973 MUH Letter - June 9

 Sat. AM - (Rob's birthday!) [June 9, 1973]

Dear Mother:

Back in the STATES and difficult to get back in the swing of things!  We had a pleasant trip back on the plane .... good flying weather and all that.  It's a LONG trip.  We had travelled by planexxxx train TEE the day before and then left Luxembourg at 11:30 AM on the 6th arriving in L.W. about 9:45PM after going thru customs.  Rob and Mr. Garnett picked us up.  After talking to Bert and Rob for two more hours it was actually around 5:00 AM (by our European time) it has been difficult to get the body back on US time.  HA!  Always difficult to get back in a WORK ROUTINE after a holiday!  Thanks for all the interesting letters ..... you sure can write a good letter and much appreciated.

Rob and Roberta got along fine and Roberta kept Rob in tow!  As Rob says, "She'll make a good policeman .... when she 'bars' she means it.  She said Rob did his share of the jobs and they got along fine.  It was especially a good experience for Rob.  Roberta looks elegant and her fellow employees are kidding her about discarding her 'sac' dresses and getting into something that rally shows off her MODEL figure ..... and she sure has been faithful to the diet in spite of what we are eating.  She usually cooks her own menus and packs her diet lunches!  She's really busy with a job and going to school.  She enjoys working at Burdines and I'm sure they would like to have her in their future plans .... she's a super saleswoman!

I'm not going into the trip at this point ...... it was a great time and much to recall and remember.  Hope you can see our slides, etc. of the places we went.  The people you meet or encounter along the way have as much impact as the bldgs., scenery you see.  We really did enjoy Switzerland and it would be great to stay in some of the rural areas for a period of time.  I sent you enough cards so you should have a fairly good idea of what we saw,  HA!

Cris was just fine!  Hennie is a sweet girl but too interested in C as he is not that interested in her .... so makes for a situation and difficult when she works right there with him in the same office.  His landlady was a witty, sense-of-humor person, motherly, and ideal to live-in with.  She had such a bad cold that we didn't get to see her again.  His two bosses were most interesting and fun as was their families.  The head-man, the one who called us from Cincinnati, wanted Cris to stay over there for two years but Cris wants to get back to school and I think that is best ..... he wasn't too hepped up on his last project .... some kind of efficiency-time analysis ... haven't heard from him since returning home.  There was one ltr from Joe and he's fine; students had joined the community in a STRIKE so they had dismissed school for a few days .... disturbances all over the city with students destroying downtown property, etc.  So he had a few days off!  Mares called us first night back or rather the next night and she arrives with her friend Dianne, on June 15 to stay 10 days.  We're looking forward to the UIBLES first of July ..... why don't they plan to stay with us while here?????

Will try to write again soon!  Had thought we'd call you but I'm sure you realize NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS when one is flying!  HA!  It was a smooth flight .... 4600 mis. worth .... stopped at Shannon, Ire. t refuel, over Newfoundland, over the islands, ? and onward to Nassau.

See the mailman coming .... Bye, Rob received your check yesterday and with his work money he has quite a nice bank acct. growing!  THANKS.

Love, Mary & Bill
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