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1973 Roberta's letter - June 8

June 8, 1973

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  We've all enjoyed your letters - the one you sent all of us & also Rob's birthday greeting!!

Everything is fine here - Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill are still a bit tired - and having some trouble getting used to the time change – Aunt Mary especially as has been up - both yesterday & today at 7:00 A.M. - when I get up - and you know that's pretty unusual!!

Gee - you sure have had a lot of jack letters - that doesn't leave you much time to watch all of the ball-games on T.V.!!  (HA!)

I only have two more weeks of Math left.  We've had two tests so far and I've got a 'B' average - I just hope I can keep that for another 2 weeks!!

I'll be glad to start my class at Florida Atlantic - to get back into something I'm interested in - and away from MATH!!

Today is my day off - but I'm working tonight.  I spent the morning out at the college library - they have a really nice one.

Tomorrow night all of us are to go see a play at the Junior College.  John Murphy got us all tickets - he's helping direct it - or something!

It's really been raining down here alot - it seems to come real quick - be a pretty hard rain, but usually doesn't last long!

Marianne called last night – she & a girl friend will be coming down a week from today - the 15th of June and will be staying for two weeks!!  She said on the phone that they wanted to go to Disney World - so maybe I'll make it yet!!

I had a nice letter today from Catherine - she said they had gone to the ocean - but after just putting her feet in - that was enough - guess it was freezing cold!!  She did say that the beach was full of people.

I haven't made it to the beach for about a week now – the last time I was there it was so crowded – lots of kids.  I guess now that school is out the beaches will be pretty crowded.

I've got to be going - please tell all of the family Hello for me - All of us say "Hello"

Love, Roberta
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