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1973 Catherine's letter - June 17

 Sunday, June 17, 1973

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I have been working diligently during the last week to finish what I wanted to send you for your birthday.  However, I'm sorry to say that I have not yet finished.  I'll try to finish it soon and get it off to you though.

We've been working hard at the library.  X has had to devise all sorts of plans to move things around and rearrange everything so that the place looks more organized and has more room for books. There is talk about building an extension to the building but the talk has been going on for about 10 years.  The land is available but the money to build is nonexistent.

I went to the beach for awhile this afternoon.  It was rather windy but the sun was hot, alot hotter than the water!  X spends alot of his free time helping build the A-Frame.  I went up with him one day and sat around talking with the other wives.  Talking all day doesn't inspire me too much so I generally stay home and do other xthings.

So far we've looked at a few pieces of property that are for sale.  Nothing has really struck our fancy yet and we're not in a terrible rush.  Tonight we're going to look at a house that is for sale.  The people are moving to florida and are giving us a chance to look at it before they list it with a real estate agent.  It sounds nice because it has a separate garage apartment where X's mother could live when/if she comes out.  We don't like the apartment where we are now very much so we have to find some place to move before November when our lease runs out.  They informed us last week that we would have to get rid of our dog houe and keep the dog inside all the time.  There is no way we could do that since for one thing she is used to being outside alot and when we're not home it would be especially difficult.  We solved the problem by getting permission from a man who owns a field which is a little ways down the road if we could put the dog house and the dog in a corner of the field.  He agreed so we still have the dog outside but near enough so that we can take her for walks and bring her inside when we want to.

We were able to get enought garden space to plant a dozen tomato plants and onxe package of radish seeds.  Not much, but at least we'll some home-grown stuff to eat.  90

I'll try to finish your birthday xpresent and get it off to you as soon as possible!

Love, Catherine

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