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1983 Catherine's letter - June 16

June 16, 1983

Dear Dad and Mother,

Hi!  Sorry I have been delinquent in getting a letter off to you in the last few weeks.  I did want to get one there in time to say "Happy Father's Day" though so hope this gets there close to the day anyway.

I thought after we were done with the Elks work we would have so much more free time, which we do, but it sitill seems like there is never enought time.  Not enough time at work, not enough time at work, not enough time with Wendy or with Gerry....  However, at least things are not quite as bad as they were previously.  I just have to learn to balance my priorities better perhaps.  Any suggestions on that from you two busy people?

How was your rafting trip?  We had a good time on ours and hope to go again soon.

We have really expanded our garden this year with red & yellow tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beans, squash & eggplant.  The tomatoes & broccoli & beans are doing well, everything else so-so.

Well, Happy Father's Day, Dad!  You've done a good job for 35 years so keep up the good work! I appreciate allt he things you've done for me.  I'm proud to be your daughter.

I love you both.

Catherine, Gerry & Wendy

P.S. Wendy is taking kindergym this summer instead of ballet.  She likes it.  The summer program at the library is in full swing.  We have about 150 signed up.  Had 45 here this a.m. for story time – we divide them into groups and have different people read.
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