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1973 Roberta's Letter - June 20

Roberta keeps the mail coming from Florida. Transcription follows.

June 20, 1973 

Dear Family,

Hi!  It's now 9:00 p.m. - and I just got home from taking my Math exam.  I think I did ok - by that I mean - maybe a "C".  My Science course will start on Monday - for 6 weeks - I just finished registering - paying the tuition & everything today for it.  I was kind of disappointed that the first aid class had been cancelled - mainly because Burdine's sure isn't paying for the science course - or for me to sit in the class-room either!!

I got your letter today – thanks - enjoyed the newspapers articles. The one about the W.W. chef was real good - by the way - I'm very upset about W.W. - I went yesterday and had gained 1 and 1/2 pounds.  what is so upsetting is that I don't think I broke it.  so the lecturer told me to cut out apples, the hard cheese (I really miss it – though we were only allowed 4 oz. a week!!) and see what happens!!  Yesterday I bought 5 W.W. T.V. dinners so I've been eating them at night.  They are pretty good - also the convenience is pretty nice.  Everything is good - but the price – HA!!  If I don't lose weight - I'll surely be broke - well - I'll be broke one way or another!!

My class at F.A.U. started last night - was supposed to start at 5:50 - but the prof didn't get there till almost 6:45!!  Well - get this - we won't be meeting again till July 31st - but on July 31st we are to hand in a 30 to 40 page paper - which will be the entire grade.  No tests - no nothing - just a 30 to 40 page paper!!  Our paper is suppose to be on 1 facet (sp?) of police, courts, or corrections in the U.S. and compare it to another country's.  I'm thinking about doing a paper on the training of police - or maybe about women in the police - it really depends on what information I can find.  I'm going tomorrow before work (don't have to work till 11:40) to the WPB library - then Tuesday plan to go to FAU & check out their library!!

Marianne, Diane & Aunt Mary left about 2:00 this morning for Disney World – they will be back tomorrow night.  Marianne's friend Diane really helped me alot w/ my math last night.

Cris will be getting in this Saturday night - but won't be here long - as he is supposed to be at Georgia Tech 8:00 AM – Monday Morning!!  Marianne and Diane will be leaving Monday – and then just a week and we'll be all ready for you all!

My 2 days off will be over tomorrow - so I'll be starting my work week tomorrow.  I've already got my lunch & supper both fixed - chicken, tomato, celery, and an orange for lunch, and tuna fish, mushrooms, lettuce, and another orange for supper.  I work late on Thursdays - which I don't mind - but packing both lunch & supper I don't enjoy too much.

Burdine's is going to be closed July 4th and I asked for July 5th off - so that way I'll be able to go South w/ you all.  (Well - to Miami.)

I'm glad to hear that Grandma is planning to go to Maine w/you all in August.  That will be a nice trip.

I had a letter from Cheryl Rogers yesterday and she is planning on coming down i August - then she & Maureen (another friend of mine) are planning on coming.  I'll also be out of school by then - so it will be a good time for them to come!!  As Cheryl says - "Have Money - Will Fly!!"

As for things I would like brought down – (1) Typewriter I'll sure need it now w/ that paper  (2) Sewing machine  (3) sewing box (Brown)  (4) Dresses you think I might be able to use - i.e. tan dress w/ red lady bugs on it.  Don't worry about any dresses – but if you see them handy ––  (5) if it's ok - I'd like to borrow the W.W. Cook-book that Serena bought.

Since I really never unpacked from school I know my stuff is in a general mess - I can't even think myself what all I have there - let alone where it is!!  If you all do see anything you want - or can use - you are more than welcome too.

Well, I've got to be closing –– I'll be seeing you all in about a week and a half!!  I hope Larry M. gets his passport soon!!

Grandma - you are missing another foot-ball game.

Gee – Math's all over –– it (the course) really did go fast!!

Love, Berts
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