Friday, June 07, 2013

1973 Roberta's letter - June 7

 June 7, 1973

Dear Mary V.,

Hi!  thanks alot for your letter – sounds like you did pretty darn good on your exams!!  Especially Science ––!

Right now I'm at work - on my supper break - I had a good supper - tuna fish, tomato, mushrooms, celery & an apple!  I'm full - no wonder!!

The store has been so busy - all of there sales started today -called "Bargain Bee" - it's been like a bee-hive in the store today - so many people!!!

So how do you like the W.W. milk-shakes - I really like them.  I've lost 19 pounds now!  When you are come down we're have alot of W.W. milk shakes.

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill got back last night - they seemed to really have had a good time - but very tired!!  They brought some chocolates & cheese from Holland.  I'm sure glad they are back - I'm tired of cooking!! (HA!)

Hello to all of the family.  Must be nice to be out of school ––

Love, Berts
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