Sunday, June 02, 2013

1973 MUH Zurich - June 2

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill send a postcard to Grandma on their 1973 trip to Europe which included visiting Cris in the Netherlands.  Transcription follows.
Zurich Switzerland Postcard - mailed 1973
1973 MUH Zurich Postcard - June 2

June 2 - Sat. – Lucerne [1973]

Dear Mother!  You may be getting duplicates!!  (I can't remember!!)
Lucerne is really beautiful.  The Mt. tour yesterday was great!  Warm!!  But today, rain, & much cooler.  (Lining goes back in the coat!) yesterday, short sleeves!  We toured transportation museum this P.M. & walked "old" part of town.  I gave out!  Too much walking.  My hip hurt, so I took it easy P.M.  Staying at a nice hotel here; comfortable & meals good!  Lv in A.M. for Bern, via train!  4 more days & home!

Hope our pictures are good, so you can see them.
Love, Mary & Bill

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