Friday, June 14, 2013

1973 Roberta's Letter - June 14

Roberta answers a letter from Serena. Transcription follows.

June 14, 1973

Dear Serena -

Hi!  I enjoyed your letter & am glad you got the purse ok through the mail.  I do hope you like it - if not I do.  (HA!)

I just got off work.  I've math to do - but I can put it off for a day or two more.  We are in the Logic part of it now.  Drawing circles, etc. – I find it very confusing!!

It won't be long now till you go again to S.A. – and me - I'll spend the summer working & studying - not my exact idea of a vacation!  (Ho, Hum!)  No - I'm really looking forward to my course at F.A.U.  I was there yesterday for testing - mostly English & math (ugh) that we have to take before registering which is tomorrow.  I bet after they see how I did on those tests I'll be taking courses like Developmental Math & "Improving your English."

I liked your stationary alot -

Aunt Mary, - and all say Hello.

When do you start school in the fall ––  Is Earl--- (gee, how's it spelled?)  on quarters of semesters?  FAU is on quarters ––

Got to go –– Hello to everyone.  Have a great summer –

Love, Berts
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