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June 28, 1989-99

Ginny's birth eve

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Trimmed shrubbery in front of Wells break area.  Picked last of peas.  More black raspberries than red.

Thursday 1990 - Had supper at Burger Chef [from Burger Chef locations:  860 Rombach Avenue This location became a Hardee's which eventually closed. Donato's Pizza used the building from sometime in the 1990's until the summer of 2006. The building will be razed to construct a new building housing Donato's Pizza and several other shops.]  $6.83 for the 2 of us.  Then yogurt at Pick'n Save at $1.99/lb.  Also bananas at 18¢/lb.  Square dancing.

Friday 1991 - Went to Hillsboro at lunch time.  Mother seemed real well.  Tony McIntosh has been putting new metal over warehouse windows on Main Street, $12/hour.  Put some dirt – got a load – on the rough places across the street.  Oh the poison ivy, especially on one tree.

Sunday 1992 - [to Lexington KY in anticipation of Ginny's birth] Left home at 9am for Newtonsville, where Jim Wise, our former pastor, now is.  Their service was at Stone Lick State Park, about 100 there and a # of young people.  We met the Goodings at 1:00 at Mike Fink's, very inexpensive at noon, $10 for the 2 of us.  Interesting house and park along the KY part.  Had reservations at the Greenleaf Motel, $36 hospital rate.  Crowsons came by around 9:30 pm.  Hotel was built about 40 years ago out in the country as was a Howard Johnson's with the unique entrance.

Monday 1993 - [NV to Rolla MO]  We leave at 7AM with the New Vienna Senior Citizens for Branson, MO.  $549 for the week, Monday through Saturday. [From Itinerary:  Stop to visit Fantastic Caverns in Springfield MO then to Best Western Coachlight in Rolla.  Dinner at Sirloin Stockade, adjacent to hotel.]

Tuesday 1994 - [Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction Colorado with Aunt Mary] Had expected to visit Fran Brown near Meeker but her answering unit said "she had been called away."  Drove to Grand Junction and visited the Dinosaur Valley Museum.  Ate at a sorry place just across the street.  Visited the Colorado National Monument.

Wednesday 1995 - [NYC to home] We were the only ones on the plane from Washington DC to Columbus. (19 passengers)  Parking $4 in Red Lot, $6 in Blue Lot.

Friday 1996 - [to Covington KY] MV had made reservations for us at Riverview Quality Inn right off I-75 in Covington, had room 525, $70+ and they had 524.  Nice pool with retractable top (partial).  For supper we went to Don Pablo's right on the river, just east of I-471.  Oh what a crowd and the noise but great view.

Saturday 1997 - [Somerset KY with Roberta, Sid, John, Julie, Kate, Serena] Big breakfast at Crowsons.  Had lunch at Wendy's.  In PM went to Burnside Marina, it was hot.  MV had tables for about 25 people for buffet supper,  It rained about ½ way there.  Talked with a couple, he's a retired pharmacist.

Monday 1999 - [Columbia to Independence to Kansas City MO, with Serena] After the breakfast at the hotel we drove by Aunt Luna's old house at 408 Price Ave. [can't find this street on Google Maps, so name may have been changed], near College Ave.  and out to Boman [? can't find that street either] to see where the Sankers live.  [HH adds in 2011 that the Mitchells (Aunt Luna's family, she was Gladys Hiestand Uible's sister) moved to Columbia from Mound City so the children could go to college there.  They lived in a BIG frame house.]  Got to the Truman Museum (after driving through very hard rain) about 11am, the usual oval office, etc. etc.  Harry T. had a hard and not too successful life until he got into politics, thanks to Pendergast.  [Tom Pendergast was a Kansas City political boss.]  Bess's Mother was anti-Harry.  Copies of many letters that they [he and Bess] exchanged, including his proposal of marriage.  We ate at nearby Harry T's Restaurant.  Went back to the museum after lunch, an older lady in her 80s was the guide.  She did a great job.  On to this hotel [this entry written on stationary from The Raphael Kansas City: Kansas City's elegant "little" hotel] where we had reservations, $139, Suite 105.  Very nice.  Ritz is across the street.  They gave us coupon for  25% off in the dining room.  Walked along the river to go to Jules (and found out they had gone out of business) [closed April 1999] so went back [to hotel] and had dinner.   I had K.C. steak, $22 with salad, potatoes, and asparagus.  Very nice.  We walked back to Barnes and Noble and looked around.  The hotel left us chocolate cookies on the bed.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1997 Ginny's 5th birthday party was at our house in Somerset (226 Mimosa Ave). Ginny had several friends over as well as "adopted family" from FUMC Somerset and the retired Pharmacist was Chester Burnett who died of cancer a couple years ago.

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