Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer 1936-37 Anderson's Restaurant, Clarksburg WV

Taking the non-freeway route would have been the only option available in 1936-37 to travel from New Cumberland south to the Jackson's Mill camp.  According to Google Maps, traveling south through Wheeling and then on to Clarksburg would take 3 hours and 16 minutes today to drive the 126 miles.  Then another 20 miles on US-19 to reach Jackson's Mill after lunch at West Virginia's largest restaurant, Anderson's.
Anderson's - The State's Largest Restaurant - Clarksburg WV postcard 1936

Anderson's Restaurant - Clarksburg WV postcard (back) 1936-37

Where we ate on our way to Jackson's Mills 1936 & 1937.
Jane & Rowena Herron drove the girls down and Rev. McDevitt the boys.

There is currently no restaurant in Clarksburg named Anderson's.

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