Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer 1936 - Mt. Vernon Dining Hall at Jackson's Mill, Weston WV

In 1936 and 1937 Jean, 13 years-old in the summer of 1936, went to a mission camp which was held at the then fairly new Jackson's Mill Conference Center.  HH says in more recent years they went to an Elderhostel held at Jackson's Mill.

Mount Vernon Dining Hall, Jackson's Mill, Weston WV Jackson's Mill State 4-H Conference Center was dedicated in 1921 as the nation's first state 4-H camp.  Weston is 143 miles south of New Cumberland.
Mt. Vernon Dining Hall - Jackson's Mill Camp, Weston WV postcard 1936
Mt. Vernon Dining Hall postcard from Jean to M/M NW Ballantyne 1936

Dear Mother & Daddy,
This is where we eat.  And How!  Arrived here safely.  Am rooming with 3 girls from Morgantown.  We are just getting acquainted.  Our house mother is Miss or Mrs. Valentiner.  Missed 1st class Monday.  –Jean

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