Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 17, 1989-99

Ginny walks with help

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [HH at Elderhostel in Athens OH, Jean & Wendy to Elderhostel in Townsend TN]

Sunday 1990 - [Turkey]

Monday 1991 - Had our "annual" physical (Ha - last one was 10/88) at Main Medical. Lunch at Ponderosa $4.99.

Wednesday 1992 - Spoke with Serena at the library, she has no phone at home.  [Re: call from hospital]  She had had a lump removed from her breast as an outpatient.  Ross Perot still in the polls lead [in the Presidential election which Bill Clinton won].

Thursday 1993 - [MV and Ginnie arrive]  Went to WCH to a seminar on tax savings, back through Sabina, saw Evelyn Bernard at Autumn Years, she is 89.  MV and Ginny came.  She walks well when you hold her hands, but can really crawl around. 

Friday 1994 - Met John, Julie & Kate at the Lenox Inn Restaurant at I-70 and Rt. 256, a nice meal, great bread assortment.  The buffet was $14.95.  A stop at the Jeffersonville Mall on the way up, at Sara Lee the muffins are 2 for $1.09.  McDonald's has them 89¢ each. Big news about O.J. Simpson accused of murder of his ex-wife and a friend.  His car was on TV on the LA freeway system.

Saturday 1995 - [Elderhostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Monday 1996 - [Elderhostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Tuesday 1997 - UMW guest night at Lou and Marjorie Kirkpatrick's, 20 present.  The group voted to put down new carpet in the Sunday School classroom building, $790.  Dr. Hause volunteered to paint the hallway.

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