Friday, June 17, 2011

Honeymoon card #2 - Rolling Chairs on the Boardwalk

The WPA book on New Jersey, published in 1939, says that Atlantic City is a "super-resort" crowded with "honeymooners, teachers, elderly retired couples, vacationing white collar workers, ministers, businessmen and their families."
Rolling Chairs on the Boardwalk.  Atlantic City, NJ postcard c1910
Atlantic City Boardwalk postcard sent June 17, 1912 by Gladys Hiestand Uible while on her honeymoon, to her father Mr. Ira F. Hiestand.

Mon. afternoon [June 17, 1912]
We have had an ideal day today in Atlantic City.  We are enjoying our visit at the beach very much.  We spent this morning sitting along the beach on the sand and watching the waves come and go.  People hire these chairs for 50¢ an hour so they don't have to walk.  --G.H.U.

Would you guess that CJ and GHU did not hire a chair, and saved their money for more oyster stew instead?

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