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June 8, 1989-99

Colonial Williamsburg VA reunion

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Mares, Robert and Wes arrive.

Friday 1990 - [Turkey]

Saturday 1991 - [Wendy visiting] We met John and Julie at Deer Creek for supper, nice get together.  Julie plans to move her things back from Chicago this next Saturday.  Double room, $82 + 12.5% tax.  John gave me a tape – Adolph Coors IV: My Father's Son.  "Life does not shout, it just runs out, sooner than we think."  Strawberries over, cherries here now and raspberries soon.

Wednesday 1994 - [Morehead (after Don's Ordination) to Georgetown KY to home] MV also brought breakfast.  Visited Library in Georgetown, nice new addition, then a short visit with Chester and Polly Greene, he is a runner – 1 mile in 8 minutes.  We had lunch at the restaurant near the Golf Course, nothing extra.  At A&M picked strawberries, 70¢/lb if you pick them, $1 if they pick, so make about $4/hour in picking.  The Greenes are going to Australia next month and to England in November.

Saturday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Sunday 1997 -  Had lunch at Ponderosa in Wilmington, then to CMH to see Elvis Wigit,  really unconscious.  Saw Ed and Jean Kantner [?] at Ponderosa, she had been to Victoria, B.C.

Monday 1998 - [Washington DC to Williamsburg] After breakfast we came down 23rd St. to Arlington Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial.  In Richmond we looked up where Sid used to live and work.  Gas 97.9¢.  Liquid snack at McDonald's.  To Williamsburg at 4pm.  John and Julie were just ahead of us.  Morgans came over.  The Crowsons got here at 6:30; MUH, Joe and Serena about 8pm.   Our supper, here in the lodge was strung out from 6-9pm.  We're in room 4411.

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