Thursday, June 09, 2011

June 10, 1989-99

Kate up to 7 pounds

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Joe, Mares, Robert and Wes visiting] UMC had chicken Bar-B-Que, donation $4.50/plate.  Joe, Cris, Robert and I went on bike ride past Salisburys. Made ice cream. Had the crew for supper.   Robert really has an appetite.  Both boys need an improvement on table manners – they are nuts on tennis.  Got some rhubarb bulbs from Brockman which I planted in our garden.  Roberta called, [she] had been to a health camp.

Sunday 1990 - [Turkey]

Monday 1991 - [Wendy leaves] Took Wendy to Cincinnati Airport for flight to Daytona Beach [to visit Gerry's sister]. Parking $1 for 30 minutes, up to $7/day. Surprised to run into Bob McEwan at the parking garage. Came back through Mt. Healthy, visited regional library just south of I-275 and then of course, the Hamilton Library. Planned to eat at one of those 2 for 1 places, but closed on Monday so ate at the Best Restaurant in Lebanon, very nice rest rooms.  Got back our bedroom drapes, $96.

Thursday 1993 - [to Newark and back] Left here about 2:30 to go to Newark to John, Julie and Kate's. She is growing, some 7 pounds now. We went to Bob Evans for supper and Kate slept through it all. We rode the tandem bike that Catherine and Roberta had when they were in HS [or younger]. Julie took Kate to the bank where John works for the first time. Just made the 10pm closing at Yummers. GHU is good today, up to 103 pounds. Got first dividend from Park National.

Friday 1994 - Farewell to John and June Hickman [DS] at Hillsboro UMC, a very nice new addition. He will be going to Northwest Church in Columbus district. George Brown [was also DS and went to Holy Land w/ in 98] was prior six years and then John Armentrout, then Howard Spitnail. We went with the E. Baileys. Was surprised to see Ruth Ann G [Grice?] Watts and her husband from Rainsboro.

Saturday 1995 - Had Claybaugh sale in Port William then our Chicken BBQ in the PM, lots of chicken left over. Met Bill Auden there, [he's] with Airborne, who recently dedicated the Building #10. MV's group of 11 from Somerset UMC came about 6:30 after being all day at King's Island.

Monday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Tuesday 1997 - Went to Wilmington, had supper at Wendy's, spoke to Donald Davis, he'll be 80 this year, was in school system for 35 years and has been retired for 21 years. Then at 6:30 went to City Building and spent 2½ hours helping get out 14,000+ envelopes to area people.

Wednesday 1998 - [Williamsburg VA]

Thursday 1999 - Another hot day, we went to Wilmington, had supper at Bob Evans. Dale Cahill, Grace Stewart and ? were there also Nancy Lyons [attorney Larry Lyons' only child], she is going to Branson and then Toronto with Lois Henson. We have been looking for Serena but no sign yet. Kroger has milk $1.49/gal. Annual Conference at Lakeside. Joanne Gruber and Wilma Croghan were delegates. Pastor Mike ordained as Elder – an "8-year journey."


Mary Uible Crowson said...

1994 the DS before John Armentrout may have been Howard Spitnail?

Catherine said...

Thanks, Mary! I added/corrected that above.

Catherine said...

HH adds re 1991: When we saw Bob McEwan he was our Congressman and a great political personality. Probably one of his downfalls was overdrawing his Congressional bank account. We ran into him another time in a Hillsboro grocery store.

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