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June 15, 1989-99

Bernards 50th Wedding Anniversary

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Delta has added a non-stop flight to Frankfurt as well as London.  Picked strawberries, the first peas, also first cherries at Mother's.  Johnsons returned from Lakeside (and their new motor home).  Planted squash in garden.  Went to Columbus, had no luck in finding "dead beat".  Met John for supper, he brought Steve and Mark with him.  Bought G'ma a floor lamp for her bedside.

Friday 1990 - [Turkey]

Saturday 1991 - Frank Shaw of Wilmington spoke at our UMC Men's Group on their missionary trip to Ghana this spring.  MV and Don arrived about 12:30am.  They're here for wedding in Dayton.  Donald and Martha Ann Bernard's 50th wedding anniversary.   BBQ at their house from 4-6, beautiful setting in their yard.  Even had the clothes they were married in.  Went on sightseeing tour with the Hortons including driving into new part of Snow Hill.

Tuesday 1993 - Article in WNJ about Bob Evans Restaurant coming to Wilmington, also in WCH, will seat about 60 people.

Wednesday 1994 - Jean went to Dr. M. about her ankle.  We had lunch at Frisch's.  Up in the 90°s and DRY.  John called about meeting them at Lenox Inn on I-70 [Reynoldsburg] this Friday PM for supper.  What a time with I. Smith estate, people who don't want their $$ because they are afraid they will lose their government payments.

Thursday 1995 - [Elderhostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Saturday 1996 - [Elderhostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Sunday 1997 - [Father's Day to Newark]  Had SS lesson on Ecclesiastes 3, then to see John, Julie and Kate for Father's Day and overnight.  We had supper on their front porch and then a big walk on the new bike path over SR-16 - very nice.  Had apple pie when we got home.

Tuesday 1999 - Serena arrived about noon.  Oh what a truck full and her car was also packed.  Really filled up the front part of our garage.  Glad she had bought that "Dollie".  Tim B..... stopped by and helped, especially with the washer and dryer.

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