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June 28, 1989-99 Ginny's birth eve

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Trimmed shrubbery in front of Wells break area.  Picked last of peas.  More black raspberries than red.

Thursday 1990 - Had supper at Burger Chef [from Burger Chef locations860 Rombach Avenue This location became a Hardee's which eventually closed. Donato's Pizza used the building from sometime in the 1990's until the summer of 2006. The building will be razed to construct a new building housing Donato's Pizza and several other shops.]  $6.83 for the 2 of us.  Then yogurt at Pick'n Save at $1.99/lb.  Also bananas at 18¢/lb.  Square dancing.

Friday 1991 - Went to Hillsboro at lunch time.  Mother seemed real well.  Tony McIntosh has been putting new metal over warehouse windows on Main Street, $12/hour.  Put some dirt – got a load – on the rough places across the street.  Oh the poison ivy, especially on one tree. 

Sunday 1992 - [to Lexington KY in anticipation of Ginny's birth] Left home at 9am for Newtonsville, where Jim Wise, our former pastor, now is.  Their service was at Stone Lick State Park, about 100 there and a # of young people.  We met the Goodings at 1:00 at Mike Fink's, very inexpensive at noon, $10 for the 2 of us.  Interesting house and park along the KY part.  Had reservations at the Greenleaf Motel, $36 hospital rate.  Crowsons came by around 9:30 pm.  Hotel was built about 40 years ago out in the country as was a Howard Johnson's with the unique entrance.

Monday 1993 - [NV to Rolla MO]  We leave at 7AM with the New Vienna Senior Citizens for Branson, MO.  $549 for the week, Monday through Saturday. [From Itinerary:  Stop to visit Fantastic Caverns in Springfield MO then to Best Western Coachlight in Rolla.  Dinner at Sirloin Stockade, adjacent to hotel.]

Tuesday 1994 - [Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction Colorado with Aunt Mary] Had expected to visit Fran Brown near Meeker but her answering unit said "she had been called away."  Drove to Grand Junction and visited the Dinosaur Valley Museum.  Ate at a sorry place just across the street.  Visited the Colorado National Monument.

Wednesday 1995 - [NYC to home] We were the only ones on the plane from Washington DC to Columbus. (19 passengers)  Parking $4 in Red Lot, $6 in Blue Lot.

Friday 1996 - [to Covington KY] MV had made reservations for us at Riverview Quality Inn right off I-75 in Covington, had room 525, $70+ and they had 524.  Nice pool with retractable top (partial).  For supper we went to Don Pablo's right on the river, just east of I-471.  Oh what a crowd and the noise but great view.

Saturday 1997 - [Somerset KY with Roberta, Sid, John, Julie, Kate, Serena] Big breakfast at Crowsons.  Had lunch at Wendy's.  In PM went to Burnside Marina, it was hot.  MV had tables for about 25 people for buffet supper,  It rained about ½ way there.  Talked with a couple, he's a retired pharmacist.

Monday 1999 - [Columbia to Independence to Kansas City MO, with Serena] After the breakfast at the hotel we drove by Aunt Luna's old house at 408 Price Ave. [can't find this street on Google Maps, so name may not be correct], near College Ave.  and out to Boman [? can't find that street either] to see where the Sankers [?] live.  Got to the Truman Museum (after driving through very hard rain) about 11am, the usual oval office, etc. etc.  Harry T. had a hard and not too successful life until he got into politics, thanks to Pendergast.  [Tom Pendergast was a Kansas City political boss.]  Bess's Mother was anti-Harry.  Copies of many letters that they [he and Bess] exchanged, including his proposal of marriage.  We ate at nearby Harry T's Restaurant.  Went back to the museum after lunch, an older lady in her 80s was the guide.  She did a great job.  On to this hotel [this entry written on stationary from The Raphael Kansas City: Kansas City's elegant "little" hotel] where we had reservations, $139, Suite 105.  Very nice.  Ritz is across the street.  They gave us coupon for  25% off in the dining room.  Walked along the river to go to Jules (and found out they had gone out of business) [closed April 1999] so went back [to hotel] and had dinner.   I had K.C. steak, $22 with salad, potatoes, and asparagus.  Very nice.  We walked back to Barnes and Noble and looked around.  The hotel left us chocolate cookies on the bed.

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