Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer 1936 - Upshur Cottage at Jackson's Mill, Weston WV

Mission Camp continues in 1936 and Jean found time to send another postcard home.  The summer of 1936 was also the time the Summer Olympics were held in Berlin Germany and generated quite a bit of debate.  It was also the middle of the Great Depression and one of the most severe heat waves in modern times hit North America with temperatures of 110 throughout the country.

Upshur Cottage, dedicated in 1923 at Jackson's Mill was constructed of stone with the idea that "it would be as solid as the 4-H ideals themselves."  The interior is divided into dormitory rooms.
Upshur Cottage, Jackson's Mill WV postcard 1936

Upshur Cottage, Jackson's Mill WV postcard from Jean to M/M NW Ballantyne 1936

Dear Mother & Daddy,
I am still having a good time.  Are you coming after me? When?  Sunday or Monday?  I'll tell you later about my missing a class.  –Jean.  P.S.  This is where I stay

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