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June 3, 1989-99

Promise Keepers, Barr Rubber

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1986 - Article in Sandusky paper about Barr Rubber quitting business after 66 years.  [I remember riding along a few times in the big truck to pick up a load, seemed like we left in the middle of the night to arrive there very early in the AM.]

Saturday 1989 - Worked on refrigerator – ice maker does not work.  Went to Jean Davids house auction.  Bill Marino [Marine?] bought it for $90,000.  Looked at refrigerators.   Had lunch at Shelby's.  Put out four pepper plants.

Sunday 1990 - [Turkey]

Monday 1991 -  Herbert Hadley's family called me about handling the estate, he had a tragic death.  First day of Bible School – lots of work – had a "covered" wagon inside plus a real cute cardboard log cabin.

Wednesday 1992 - On Lions Club [committee] with Bob Walker also Ernie C. (who did a week earlier) had thin pieces of chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, Cottage cheese jello, ice cream and strawberries.  Elaine Harner spoke on mediation.

Friday 1994 - Met John [Uible] and Gary Mathis (?) at Bob Evans in Springfield at Bob Evans, parked the car at Dave and Rita Johnson's on Oneida Road.  Then we drove to Signature Inn in Indianapolis and then on with another couple from Newark going to the Hoosier Dome for a Promise Keepers "Get Together" – all of 62,000 men

Saturday 1995 - [KY day after Crowsons moved to Somerset] We went on a picnic at Waitsboro, quite a high priced subdivision going up near there.  We returned all the empty boxes to Buddy Coleman (the Senior Minister).  Had supper at Lee's Crossing.  I had the fruit plate.  Jan Smith and Esther Lee joined us for supper.  MV* had drawn a diagram of where all the furniture would go in the house. 

Monday 1996 - [ElderHostel program to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, returning 6/22]

Tuesday 1997 - [to Columbus]  Louise Bloom lock box opening.  We left for Columbus, ESOP meeting Wednesday AM at the Westin, then OSBA [Ohio State Bar Assoc.]  Wednesday PM.  Had supper at the Truck Stop Restaurant at I-71 and 35.  Slow service.  Had reservations at the Westin on South High, built in 1886.  [An historic landmark originally known as the Great Southern Hotel with "exquisite architectural detailing such as stained-glass windows and crystal chandeliers."]  Regular rates $175 reduced to $95 because of meeting.  At 9PM we walked over to the mall, everything was closed except Marshall Field which closes at 10pm.

Wednesday 1998 - Finished putting up new windows at our house.  Had call from Roberta wanting our wedding write-up.  Don Geer's daughter spoke on beef at Lions Club.  She had won the State, now to Portland OR for the National.  Buddy Coleman [see 1995] retiring after 39 years.

Thursday 1999 - MV, Ginny and Christian arrived at 7PM fully packed with two bikes, etc.  She has a back [child] seat for Christian.  Don is in Texas preaching.

*MV added in 2010: 1995 :) Waitsboro Crossing (park and campground on the Cumberland River) was where we picnic-ed and Lee's Ford was dinner with Jan Smith and Esther Lee, another place on the lake where we often went to eat. Yes, I usually diagram where everything is to be put when we move to make sure it will fit where I want it :)

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