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June 25, 1989-99

Grandma makes the news

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Wendy visiting] Took Mother to the Dentist in Wilmington.  Later visited Mrs. Levo, she showed us a towel that I had given her from FL for taking care of our cat.  [c1939]  Hauses leave for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales on 2 week AAA tour.  Book says [tour] land costs $1069 and $790 air.  Spoke with John in California, he is there for this Frontiers program.

Tuesday 1991 - Took the Morgans to Columbus with a stop at Atkins (rolls 90¢/dozen), Bob and Carl's were $1.29.  Went to see Thelma Holmes, one certainly has empathy for her, as she said "I'm having a poor day."  Had supper at Tucson Cafe (good write-up in Columbus magazine) in the 2400 block of E. Dublin Granville Rd. [possibly this is now Rooster's Restaurant, at 2454 E Dublin Granville Rd.]

Thursday 1992 - Walked out Cemetery Rd. with the Robys, she has a lot of trouble with poison ivy.  Article in Hillsboro Times Gazette about women who are over 100, including GHU.

Friday 1993 - [Ginny visiting] Clement closing in Hillsboro.  Mother still in Hospital, but getting along OK, she joined right in singing Onward Christian Soldiers.  Went out to see John and Laura Hughes.  Nice rain today.  Ginny delighted in walking between our dishwasher (where Jean was) and the kitchen table, carrying single pieces of silverware out of the dishwasher.

Saturday 1994 - [to Colorado with Aunt Mary] Jean, Mary and I flew to Denver, they have a new airport but baggage handling system doesn't work.  Drove to Frisco for supper then to Leadville where we had reservations at the Wood Haven Manor.

Sunday 1995 - [Elderhostel Marine Expeditions program through 6/27]

Wednesday 1997 - Met Roberta and Sid at the Columbus airport, then met John, Julie and Kate at the Ashcrafts.  Ashcrafts just celebrated their 40th Anniversary.  Ate at Don Pablo's Restaurant on E. Main and I-670, $60 for the 9 of us.  John and Julie said they are expecting next February.  Made a stop at US-35 truck stop, Roberta bought 36 post cards.

Thursday 1998 - [Sweden, Lapland and Finland trip w/ Hinshaws]

Friday 1999 - [New Vienna to Indianapolis, with Serena]  Left NV at 2pm, stopped at Court House, then to here [written on Sheraton Indianapolis stationary] at 6pm Ohio time, Room 1077, part of Fashion Mall.  Heavy road construction near Richmond on I-70.  Solid windows on one side, big bed with couch bed in other room, with separate sink, fridge, and table with four chairs.  Rate of $49 (paper advertised at $109).  On to Kim's at 6:30 (local time).  Kim is 67 (first came to our house in '57).  He and his wife were there [visiting Mie Young] from Tucson, and their son, his wife and daughter came from West Chester OH at 7:30.  Had chicken, fish, and hot dogs on the grill, green beans, salad, with ice cream and strawberries.  Greg was at work, his Mother now lives with them.  They have a very deluxe vinyl swimming pool near the picnic table.  Hana is an active one.  They are all going to Chicago tomorrow (Lawrence Ave. area) to get Korean food.  Oh yes, finally got our cell phone to work, GG called twice.

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