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1987 Roberta's Letter -July 7

Dear Family,

I had started out with the typewriter – but with little success!  After the basic keyboard – I'm lost!

Sid got off on schedule yesterday – about 15 minutes later than he had hoped – not bad for a 4 month trip!  He had really worked to get all in order – between the trailer – the house – Sr. Village – car, etc.  This AM Cynthia called from London Airport – their flight had been cancelled – to Denver – so they were to be put on another plane getting into Denver 2 hours later.  (Originally to arrive at 8 PM, now 10 PM tonight).  Actually that is good news as Sid didn't think he would get to Denver by 8PM tonight!  And he had said he would probably be hour or 2 late!

Last night were visiting Funeral Home hour for Joe Wolfney [?] who had been very active at East Mesa Senior Center – along with his wife.  I'm sure you all have met them – they always asked about Grandma especially.  Both were born in Eaton, Ohio.  They were at our wedding.

It worked out for me to go over & see some East Mesa Senior Center people & got in a visit with the Stubbs.  Also stopped in at the Funeral Home.  As it turns out – I always ran out of time – lots of people over there I would like to visit.  In August I might go over & spend a weekend w/ Stubbs & do some visiting.

Interesting enough I called Lois Bruce on Sunday – and found she had just mailed  letter to us!  She sounded real good & has been enjoying the swimming pool most mornings!  Has had an "eye tuck" – so that she doesn't have to hold her eye lid up when she reads, etc.!

Lately it seems my letters keep getting crossed in the mail with others when I do write!

We enjoyed having MARK (the p.k. from Felixstowe) here.  He hd been in USA since March & had been one term at Carroll College in Wisconsin – then a week or so in Chicago.  When we did Camelback Mountain – 1st morning he was here – I really had a tough time doing it.  Couldn't seem to catch my breath – once we got on top I realized why – we had gotten up in just over 47 minutes!  NOT BAD at all!

The next AM we did Squaw Peak – it was Friday – holiday for most people & trail was quite crowded.  We started out from the house at 5:00 AM on the trail at 5:30 – great time of day in Arizona in July! Wasn't so crowded going up but coming down there were so many people headed up!  Met an attorney who does it 3-7 times per week.  Nice guy – named NISSER.  It's always interesting the people you meet – and see when hiking!  One guy got up on top of Squaw Peak & then did about 50 push-ups!

We enjoyed Tubing down the Salt River – for $6.25 each you can rent a tube & have a shuttle bus take you (& the tube) to drop off points & even pick you up.  It was quite fun & a good American experience for Mark.  We each got a little sun burn – he got it around his feet where he had not put lotion & I got it just around my arm pits!  (& only in the front!)  My sock line is getting more & more um – apparent!  (& it will be more so after RAGRAI!)

The Board of Supervisors (Maricopa County) did approve to contract out Senior Village.  It is out to BID now with bids needing to be in by 7/31/87/  Tomorrow there is a bidders conference meeting where those interested can come & ask questions, etc.  Only non-profit agencies can bid.  The change may take place in October or January.  I'm assured by my boss that the new agency would keep me at present salary/benefits – or better!  Actually I think Steve (my boss) is rather fearful that I might quit – and he sure doesn't want that to happen – at least not while he's responsible.

All i all I think Sr. Village could be run better outside the County system. I think I'd like to stay with the take over.  The other option would be to stay with County –working 8-5 at some salary but without house provided & only 3 weeks vacation a year!  My lifestyle would have to change – drastically!

Much Love –

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