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1977 MV's Letter - July 24

July 24, 1977
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Somehow I get the feeling I might be turning Catholic – I've attended 2 masses, but haven't taken communion – yet.  Don't worry too much I haven't been a member of the Methodist church a year yet.

Went into the city last Tuesday night, then spent the day Wednesday.  Went in on the 4:00 bus, so had supper at Browies (Eileen went).  Then spent the night at Bressi Thomsons place.  We also went to the World Trade Center and saw New York at night.  It looked like a lighted Christmas Tree.  Then Wednesday morning walked up nineth (sp?) Ave. to Lincoln Center from Bresci's Apt. on 8th and 24th St.  I don't know it was 40 blocks up there!  By the time we got thru the tour it was 11:30, so took the subway down to Time Square to see about 2 for tickets for Broadway shows.  Well. the line was about a block long, and we couldn't be waiting around so went in the N.Y.P.D.  (New York Police Department) tourist thing and they had half price things, but not for "The Wiz" or "A Chorus Line" so we got tickets for Chicago.  (They were free) and then ate lunch at "Mama Leonies", an Italian Place.  Well, while we were in there Eileen was looking at the tickets, and it said you had to be their at least a half an hour before the show started!  Right then it was 1:15 and the show started at 2:00 and we hadn't been served so we had to pay full price ($12.50! each).  It was pretty good, but it was the type of show that Grandma wouldn't sit through the first scene.  Then we decided we would go to ticketron at Grand Central, but I thought it was on 36th Street, so we walked down there.  Well, when I got out the map to see which way to go, I found out it was on 42nd Street!  So we walked down there.  Then we remembered they closed at 5:00 and so we took the subway back to Lexington and 24th.  Well instead of going up to 8th Ave wouldn't you know we walked down to 3rd.  We were so tired we took the bus back to 8th Ave.  I've never been so tired in my whole life.  And then to top things off we almost didn't get seats on the bus.  I had to sit beside this big fat guy who took up about 1/2 of my seat, along with all of his.  We finally got back to the farm okay.  You know the first week I went to see the New York Experience and second week I got it!

Yesterday we had a carnival and I got my face painted!  It got sort of itchy so I had to wash it off after supper.  Eileen got hers, too.  She looked sort of funny because she had on a sun dress, Sally's wig, and then her face was painted and Katy Ream looked like she was ready to fire her!  But we did get some pictures taken.

Well, can't use my whole notebook.

Mary Va.

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