Tuesday, July 04, 2017

1967 Serena's postcard to Roberta -July 3

[postmarked July 3, 1967 Morrow, Ohio]

Dear Roberta,

Here are the things we usually do in order (8:00) get up, dress & clean up.  8:45 go to dining hall. have flag ceremony.  9:15 eat.  10:00 go swimming.  12:00 goof around.  1:30 eat lunch.  2:30-3:30 rest hour (ha ha!) goof around.  5:30 Change to uniform.  6:30 flag ceremony.   6:45 eat (hooray)  7:45 goof around and have camp fire.  9:30 get ready for bed.  10:00 lights out (supposedly)!

The food here is great.  Mom, you would love this camp like things that are restricted here: eating before the counselor eats (she serves), no napkins on the table, no elbows, you must eat 3 G.S. bites, etc. etc.  (You know it isn't as bad as I thought!)  Changing into the camp uniform is awful.  Oh, we have Beginners A.B. have green caps.

And at long last I have learned how to do the breath [sic] stroke.  My roommates are Lou Ann (Louie), Sue (Sammie), Jean (my best friend)  My counselors are Marilyn, Hazel (my swim teacher), Joyce, and Eileen.  I'm having a great time.  Yesterday we bout had a flood (of water).  So far I haven't seen a moose.  Not yet a hike, have crafts, etc. or lay in bed in any weather.

Sorry I haven't written before but I just haven't had enough time.  Mom, you will really be surprised about my manners when I get home.

Your breath stroke sister,

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