Friday, July 28, 2017

1987 MV's Letter to GHU -Aug.2

[Phoenix, Arizona]
Dear Grandma,

It is so hot here – around 105º in the shade – needless to say you don't stand around outside very long!

We arrived here Thursday night in time for dinner, but Sid wasn't here so we had to fend for ourselves!  Wendy was terribly anxious to see her mother – she clings to Catherine as if there is no tomorrow.  It drives me crazy. [In Wendy's defense I will add that she had been in Ohio since June, where life was not quite the same as the Morgan household.] 

Joe arrived with a friend yesterday just fine.  His friend seemed very nice.  We all had dinner together at Roberta's last night and then they headed for Santa Fe about 1:00 today.

Hope all is calm in New Vienna.  See you in a couple weeks.

Mary Va.

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