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1967 Catherine's Letter -June 30

June 30, 1967

Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Got a post card from Mother today along with a letter from Kalamazoo and a card from the state library.  Of the three books I requested one is in circulation and the other two they don't own.  That's not too good of a batting average.  The librarian here is going to see if she can get some books from the Port Clinton library.

I wrote a letter to Serena the other day.  Isn't this the weekend Roberta goes camping with the Girl Scouts?  John, I forgot to congratulate you on your athletic achievements.

Lasts night Steve and I saw "That Darn Cat" which was shown at Hoover.  It was very good and terribly funny.

The Nobles came today.  I guess Mrs. Noble and Lisa (I think) are going to Columbus to pick up Joy who has spent a week at Capitol Univ. for some kind of music deal.

How are things in the garden?  Everyday I slice up tomatoes by the dozen practically and although they look beautiful they taste fake.

Today at The Patio we had strawberry shortcake for the employees only.  (They never have it for the public!)  Jenna and I fixed 8 quarts of berries.

Right now I am sitting in the rear of Hoover listened to the Richard Johnston Choral Ensemble.  I think I am getting my share of culture here.  Of course, I only come to see the curtain puller but that is beside the point.

It would be nice if you and the Hortons could all come up.  but, gosh, it costs about 1/2 a fortune to even get in the gates.  Of course all entertainment here at Hoover is free except for Showboat and that other deal.  (Madame Butterfly, I think.)

I hope everything is all right at home.

Love, Catherine

P.S.  Right now I'm reading The Brothers Karamazov.  Anyone ever read it?

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