Monday, July 17, 2017

1987 John's Letter to Roberta -Apr.28

April 28, 1987
Dear Roberta,

Thanks for your letter and the pictures.  I can't believe I have been home for two weeks from Florida.  I wanted to write and tell you what a good time I had with you and Grandma.  It was enjoyable seeing Rob & Cindy as well as the Lippmanns.

Carol and I have been talking about possibly coming out to Arizona in November.  It is hard to get away right now for a week since we have a mayor to re-elect this year. But how would November sound for you?  Of course we want to see Cathy, Gerry & Wendy also.

Thanks again for the nice visit in Florida.  We hope to see both you & Sid in Ohio this summer.


P.S.  Any more thoughts about a gift for either Grandma's birthday or Mom & Dad's anniversary?

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