Monday, July 03, 2017

1937, 1952, 1938 Uible CJU & GHU Signatures

Not sure of the significance of this document – HH practicing his (future?) law skills?


Mary Crowson said...

Interesting to note that by the time this is written, hopefully Dad would know how to spell his parents names...? Three different dates and wondering if this was during a Horton visit and Joe might have been old enough to have started writing in cursive if 1952? Recognize GHU's signature and handwriting (characteristically neat, probably got very good grades in penmanship). CJU doesn't pick up pen as he writes entire signature!

Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Thanks for your comment, MV! Dad also noticed about CJ not picking up the pen and the misspelling of Cecil. Think we can eliminate Joe as the writer as he would have just turned 5 in 1952 and that was before kindergarten was even available.

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