Thursday, July 20, 2017

1977 Roberta's postcard -July?

Mailed to New Vienna, forwarded to the John Hancock building in Chicago.
1977 Penny (9¢) Postcard

[1977 but undated]
Hi!  Sunday was my day off – so I took advantage of it & went into NYC – 1st it took me 4 1/2 hours to get in – ran out of gas – some guy stopped & I gave him $2.00 to go & get gas & the crazy guy never came back – but after an hour I started flagging down again –

Then Monday AM I find my car ªBuick) broken into by means of throwing a big rock through the left side (back seat) window – glass everywhere – I had put a brown bag of gifts in the back seat which someone found too tempting.  Just don't think I'll be going back into the city this week –

But window we fount at a junk yard & now installed – plus new tires (2).

Today the yellow van is acting up – had to be pushed twice.  I'm ready to go back to a bike.  Mary Va is enjoying herself alot – NO TROUBLE – alot of help to all of us –


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