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1967 Catherine's Letter -July 29

July 29, 1967
Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, Serena, John, Mar,y

Hi!  Aren't you surprised to hear from me so soon?  Guess who is 18 1/2 today!  I just celebrated by eating a box of raisins and 2 ry-krisp crackers.

We really had an exciting day at Cedar Point.  Al and Bill got here about 1:30 so I had to find something for us to do until Jenna was ready at 3:30.  We ended up walking to Brown's Marina and then playing miniature golf.  It started raining as soon as we got there but it abated after about 15 minutes and the sun shone again.  We went on about every ride (some several times) and I think we got our money's worth.  For supper we ate at the Steak House at the Cedar Point Marina.  The food was really good – steak, baked potato, roll salad.  Umm!  Makes me hungry just to think about it.

I think Jenna's feelings toward Bill are about the same as Elaine's.  However, he has already called to see if it was all right if they come up on her birthday, August 9.

Thursday night I went to see "The Slender Thread: with Jenna at Orchestra Hall.  Sydney Poitier (sp?) was in it.  Last night I went with Reuben to see "Birds do It" starring Soupy Sales.  It was ridiculous.

I am glad to hear Roberta is doing so well with her driving.  When does Driver's Ed end?

How are the ballgames coming John?  I just heard on the radio where Vada Pinson hit a home run in the 10th inning to win the ballgame over Chicago.

My favorite pen just ran out of ink and that green one didn't work much better.

How was camp, Serena?  Did Rev. Beers bug you too much?

Mother you should see me make chili!  Ha!  It only takes 5# hamburger, one can of tomato puree, two cans kidney beans, one can water, handful of onions and some chili powder.

This morning Hugh threw out about a gallon of vegetable soup which we just made yesterday.  He said he didn't like warmed over soup.

The food that is thrown out or wasted would be enough to feed our whole family!

The letter from Kalamazoo included a medical form which has to be in by September 15.  Do you think I could have Dr. Fullerton fill it out after I get home?

It also had a form which wanted to know your denomination, name of preacher, etc.  I have already sent it in.

I also got a box of mint taffy at Cedar Point.  I hope it keeps because I haven't eaten much of it.

I got a letter from Grandma yesterday.    It makes me sick to think of you all eating apple sauce, green beans, real tomatoes, broccoli and food!

It is now almost 7:00 P.M. and Jenna and I will soon be able to go to supper.  I can hardly wait for another of those delicious sandwiches or a peach and cottage cheese salad.

Thanks for the clipping.


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