Monday, July 10, 2017

1977 MV's Letter -July 16

Saturday, July 16, 1977
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Don't get any ideas, because I'm not homesick.  I just thought I'd tell you I went swimming today!  Well, John (Sally's son) asked me to go swimming at the Cruiser Club.  Well, I got Marions okay, and we took off.  And I've never seen a pool like it.  At both ends its 3 ft then it slopes (sp?) down to 10 ft in the middle.  And they have diving platforms that go up to 32 feet high!  They also have tennis courts but didn't play.  Sorry, Dad!

Yesterday and today have really been hot.  Marion went to bed yesterday and has been in bed most of the day today + she doesn't want to eat, so . . . . . .  Everybody else is fine.

Last night John and Eileen went to see "Fun with Dick & Jane."  Don'r worry – it's rated PG.

Well have to go.  Plan on going to church tonight.

Love, Mary Va

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Mary Crowson said...

from Hudson Guild farm....although I have absolutely no recollection of going to a club swimming.

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