Friday, July 07, 2017

1967 Catherine's Letter -July 6

July 8, 1967
Dear Mother, Daddy, Roberta, Serena, John, Mary,

Hi!  Received your letter and Serena's post card today.

Sounds like John's baseball team did a pretty good job clobbering Sabina.  I bet that went over real big with the Sabina fans.

I've heard from several people about Roberta's driving.

I did tell Alice I would get her composite but I guess she can get it herself when she gets home.  Did you ever find out about my SAT achievement scores?

I don't know how the News-Journal salaries stand.  Maybe the canceled checks from the bank could tell you more than I know.

Aunt Mary gave me a pair of yellow pajamas.  – very pretty.

My day off is Wednesday – but I usually work at the administration building if they need me.

Al was going to come up this Wednesday so we could go to Cedar Point but I wrote him that I had to work (?).  Should I tell him to send the thermos to you?

Last night we didn't get off work until extra late because of the crowd after "Showboat."  I guess we will go through the same things again tonight.

I got a nice letter from Mrs. Smith today.


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