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1977 Catherine's Letter -Aug.1

Monday morning
August 1, 1977
Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi!  Well, here it is my first day of not working and I must admit it seems a little strange.  DeeDee is here and we have been keeping busy doing the laundry and hanging up some posters in her room.  Later this morning we are going to take the bus to El Cajon and have lunch with Gerry – a picnic lunch probably in the same park we had lunch when you were here.  Afterwards I have an appointment to get my hair trimmed.

Tomorrow morning I have a Dr's appointment so we will take the bus the other direction.  It is fortunate we live so close to a major bus route so it doesn't take too long or too many transfers to get anywhere.

The people at work were really nice.  I think they were sorry to see me leave.  They hired two girls to take my place but neither one seemed to show an over abundance of potential.  They told me that if I want to come back to work all I have to do is give them a call.  I had one week's vacation pay coming and they gave me two weeks so that made for a nice unexpected bonus.  Plus I got some nice gifts: a pair of wall plaques, two jumper suits for the baby (one newborn to 15 pound size, and one 15-20 # size), booties, bibs, safety pins, rattles and a nightgown for myself.

Gerry gave a pint of blood yesterday to the Stork Club which is a special deal sponsored by the S.D. Blood Bank.  In the unlikely event that mother or baby needs blood it covers all costs.

I forgot to mention I also got two baseball tickets from work (the Co. has mini-season tickets) but I think we're going to exchange them for another game.  The tickets they gave me are for a Friday night game, September 16, which just happens to be the very same day that the baby is due. I realize that the baby probably won't be born that day but I would hate to waste the tickets.

Speaking of the baby being born, we are hoping Mother, that you will be able to come out.  Of course both of you are invited.  The more we think about it the more we want you to come.  I'm sure I will need some help when I get home from the hospital – I plan to stay in the hospital the least amount of time possible.  The Dr. says the minimum is 24 hours and the average is 2-3 days.  So please plan on coming.

John called from Washington the day after I received your post card so I gave him your address in Chicago.  He sounds like he is doing fine.  He said Roberta is really busy (which perhaps explains we we haven't heard from her since she arrived at H.G.) and that Mary Virginia is having a hard time balancing her budget on $10/week.  I'm sure she could take lessons from J.B.

Well, I better go fix some sandwiches for our lunch.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Catherine & Gerry

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