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1937 Andelia Hudson Shull Uible (1845-1937) Obituary -Mar.25

C.J. Uible's step-mother, Andelia Hudson Shull Uible, died March 25, 1937, at the age of 92 at the home of her son J.W. Shull, in Liberty, Indiana.  She married David Uible in 1892 after the death of CJ's mother in 1890.  Andelia and her first husband, John Shull, were the parents of five children, two daughters and a son were pre-deceased.  David died in 1926.  She is buried in the Blanchester (Ohio) IOOF cemetery.

Andelia is shown third from right in front row below:
Uible Reunion Sunday April 19, 1925.  Gladys Hiestand Uible third from right standing.  Will Uible further right standing.  Presumably David Uible seated with cane and his wife Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Uible to his right.  Gladys would have been pregnant.  Could Mary be peeking out second to the left of David?  Where is CJ?  Possibly in the back row between two taller men.  David died the following year.

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Mary Crowson said...

Would be interesting to know who the others are! For instance, the young man over Gladys' shoulder to the left (her right shoulder) that looks like Dad as a young man? Where is Aunt Mary? Presumably Grandma was pregnant in this picture?

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