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1987 Catherine's Letter -Mar.5

Thurs. March 5, 1987
Dear Mother & Dad,

Hi!  Today marks the end of our first week as residents of Phoenix.  Wonder if that makes us long term residents yet?

We found a house to rent just down 35th Drive from Roberta & Sid's new house (maybe 7 or definitely 8 houses down).  It is quite spacious (1600 sq. ft.) with a large master bedroom on one side of the house, kitchen-dining, living room in the middle.  It is the same floor plan as a couple of the senior village houses.  The back yard is on 35th St, [Avenue] so there is considerable traffic noise if the sliding doors are open but we are already getting accustomed to that from staying here at 3509.  We got a discount on the deposit as we are cleaning and painting (touch-up) before moving in.  Our furniture is now scheduled to arrive the 11th so that will help us feel more settled after we get our things.

I have an interview at the County Library next Tuesday.  I went down (it's at 35th & Durango, which is just south of Buckeye Road) to check it out on Tuesday but it turned out they are only open to the public from 10-1 Mon-Fri.  I called later to inquire more about the positions that are open and they (the secretary) said that building is primarily the administration offices thus the short public hours.

Gerry went to the Job Service and talked to a Veteran's Counselor and was encouraged by the services they offer.  Once we get settled into our house I think he'll be better able to focus on the job situation.

Gerry's grandfather (his mother's father) died on Tuesday.  He was 86 but it was rather sudden.  He had a heart attack on Sunday and then died in the hospital.  At least Gerry had visited him recently.

I better get back to helping Gerry clean and get this in the mail.  Hope you get this before you head south.

PS Wendy is adjusting fairly well to school.  A girl she met at day camp last summer is in her clas.

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