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1987 Mary Uible Horton letter -Mar.30

Monday Noon – March 30th [1987 per postmark]

Dear HH & Jean:

I'll make a stab at getting off a few lines to you!  What's NEW?  Same 'ol' routine here.  The weather has been WINDY, cloudy and RAIN.  The 'ends' of March . . . going out like a lion?

We enjoyed your SHORT visit and if you'd stayed longer we could have picked MORE STRAWBERRIES!!!  THANK YOU . . . they were SO GOOD and I think they disappeared in three days!!  We had more over the week-end . . . compliments of PUBLIX.  HA!

Cooking for Rob is like feeding an ARMY!!  I didn't get much else done the two weeks he ate with us.  ha!  No LEFT-OVERS!  Which called for a fresh menu every day.  It was good to have a YOUNG person in the household plus SCOOTER.  Cindy returned last night and will probably see her this evening.  I understand she got a lot of thing [paper torn] while there. . . supportive anyway.  It is hard on all of them!!

We received your ONE CARD . . . you were on the way to Miami.  Hope your rental car got you there safe and sound.  How's the group?  What did you think of Rio?  I notice in the Miami Herald the temp is around 80º so a lot like Florida.  Have you had interesting speakers?  Wish we were meeting you in Miami to hear ALL ABOUT YOUR TRIP!!!

We're looking forward to seeing Roberta (as briefly as your visit here) and sorry to miss John as he arrives on Th.  The '3 of them' will have a great time.  Probably eat out a lot as I'm not leaving any food.  Not very nice of me is it?  G'Ma will have to dig into her pocket book!

I hope the weather cooperates while we're in Augusta.  If it RAINS . . . . it can be miserable.  I don't do well when I get WET!!  Better take reading material along with me just in case I'm stuck in the motel!!

Either one of you familiar with a magazine, "50-PLUS"?  We subscribed to it recently and found it interesting.  One article in March issue, 'KINGS OF THE ROAD' re two extraordinary men are locked in a race to visit every country on earth."  HH thought you might like to join the race. . . One man is 61 the other 67.  They belong go Travelers' Century Club, an organization whose membership comprises those who have been to 100 or more countries.  Initiation fee is $100 and yearly dues $15.00  I think you would find the article intriguing.  They are both LAWYERS . . . AND everyone thinks they have a WACKY HOBBY.  "and in a way they are right.  But then, many of them have their own activities, like Golf, or sailing, which can turn into manias."

G'MA seems okay . . . she's done really better this winter than last . . . pottie accidents, etc.  She sure does eat well . . . and LOVES THOSE STRAWBERRIES!!  HA! I'm sure she will enjoy Roberta and John's visit.  Roberta is so good to her!!!  She's one in a million!!!

Wonder if we'll get a card from you all before your return?  Are you already planning your next trip?  Ha!  Any recommendations from others?

Joe called us yesterday.  Guess it was a nice day in New York as he went to Sheridan ?? Sq. or ?? to paint a bldg. from early AM to 2:30.  He always has a big gathering watching him, he must really concentrate to block out all the on-lookers.  He got his 10 pictures framed and in the gallery . . . hope they sell . . . would be good out-let for him.  They will have a person show in June.  Write-up in the newspaper, etc.  Cris called last week and they have their mortgage re-financed and the 'sewer' problem resolved on his land.  He was happy about both.  We're anxious to see Laura.  She should be real cute at this stage. !!!  Good tripping and stay WELL!!!! HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

G'Ma read in the WNJ that they burnt down the shelter in Denver Park and plan to build a more substantial one this summer.

Missed Mail Man – (1:30 P.M.) But received your card from Icarai (etc) Hotel.  Sounds Great!!!  Love – G'Ma, Mary & Bill

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