Sunday, March 19, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Mar.23

Written exactly six months before Wendy was born. . . and Joe is new to Saudi Arabia.

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Well here's another sample of Pic & Save stationery.  I don't think this is as nice as the name kind.  We were glad to get your letter and the article about Pediatricians.

We got a letter from Joe yesterday which he wrote on 3-6 so that is a little over two week mail service.  He said that since Roberta is sure our baby will be a girl, he thinks it will be a boy.  It sounds like he is getting adjusted to the life there.  Gerry knows a guy at work who spent 19 year working overseas as a diesel mechanic.  I guess he made alot of money.  But his family is glad to be back in the states again.

I am reading "The Moonstone" by Wilkie Collins.  It is pretty good but it moves slowly.  Gerry is reading "The R Document" by Irving Wallace.  We went to a different branch library last week but this week we tried to go last night (Tues.) & it turns out they are only open of Mon. & Wed. nights.  Our "regular" branch is open Mon., Tues & Wed. nights so we went to that one after all.  They have been building one out near where Dee Dee lives which should be opening in the next couple months.  Then we can take her when we go to see her on Wed. nights.

We haven't watch too much television although we buy the TV guide to see if there is anything on.  Maybe we watch 3 or 4 shows a week.

We got a letter from Roberta yesterday.  She must have made good time crossing the country.  The trip to Ohio will seem short in comparison.

Gerry is applying for a new job.  We'll send you some details if anything comes from it.

Our love to everyone.

Catherine & Gerry

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