Monday, March 27, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -March or April

Monday [unknown date]
Dear Family,

I had all these important things to tell you and then after I start this I can't think of anything!  Oh golly!

This week is the last in this six weeks so we are having all kinds of tests being put at us!  I think my grades will be pretty good – all except for Geography.  "I DON'T GET GEOGRAPHY!"  I can't see packing my head with how many inches it rains in South Viet Nam or where the winds come from!

Lately we have been eating some of the meals outside – when it is nice. [Maybe the date should be April or May if it is nice enough to eat outside!]  I hope we do that again tonight.

I sure am beat today.  We played baseball this afternoon, so I am all hot and everything.  I suppose I better go and take a shower before supper.

Hi – (again) at supper they asked us if our parents & family were coming for parents day – Would you like to eat lunch here and then maybe go out to eat for supper??  I really don't care but sure would like to go out to eat!  (did you get the hint) ??

Study hall starts in 15 more minutes so suppose I better be closing.  Here is a list of stuff I would like you to bring up.

  1. brown stretch denim shorts
  2. some of my sweatshirts (but not the Olney one, its to hard too keep clean)
  3. some of my shorts – I'm not sure which would be best – use your judgment!
  4. food ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! . . . . . . . .
  5. yourselves

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