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1987 Family Letter -Mar.8

Sunday, March 8, 1987

Dear Family:

It seems that Spring has "Sprung" with temperatures in the 70s and got us into gear in yard and garden work.  The printing of the peas said "maturity in 70 days" so hopefully we will see the results in mid May.

We were glad to hear that the Morgans have rented a house which is eight houses from where the Kings will be moving next week.  Wendy will still be going to school at the same place and understand that things are going smoothly for her there.

Roberta and Sid are "formally moving" this next week down the street.  It has been interesting hearing about Roberta's so called job interview and wonder if there will be any fire out of all the smoke.

MV has been gone this weekend visiting friends in Urbana, Ohio.  She did survive the Crisis Pregnancy Center Pancake Brunch, tho unfortunately someone loaned them a new teflon pan and it got scratched.

Tried to call Serena today without success, her roommate told us that Serena's foot was much better and how busy Serena is.  She is to let us know about meeting her next Saturday in Columbus Cincinnati.

John is talking of going to Florida to see Roberta and to help with Grandma . . tho nothing definite yet.  Depending on Serena's plans we plan to go to Columbus and/or Newark to see them this week.

Friday night the Sankers invited us down to go to a pot luck dinner at the Hyde Park Methodist Church.  It is a regular monthly program, probably 200 people there.  One man asked me if I was related to Howard Uible, who he sees regularly.

This afternoon our Church had a "Financial Planning Seminar" in which a CPA spoke on tax changes and a panel of four attorneys answered questions.  For you people that get the WNJ there was an article and pictures in last Tuesdays paper.

Dad has covered the news very well.  I started a letter on Carolyn's new typewriter at the shop but too many new fangled things on it for me.  It does have alot of wonderful features though – it is on approval but sounds like she may be able to keep it.

It was good talking to so many of you this weekend – including Wendy who is getting acquainted with her neighbors, passing out cards to let them know of her availability as a babysitter – seems not so very long ago that she had one herself.  Did regret not to talk to Serena but hope to know her plans for this weekend soon.

Dad did a fine job on the panel with the three other attorneys including Kay Dick and Judge Hottle.  Not many people there to take advantage of all the free legal and tax information.

[Love, etc.]

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