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1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Mar.5

United Methodist Church - New Vienna, Ohio, 1876-1976
March 5, 1977
Dear John –

Hi!  You would have had alot of good laughs w/us if you had been here this past week – really had a good time w/ Liz – got to Marian's Wednesday – she treats us like royalty! – going out to these super nice restaurants – putting gas in the Buick – gave Liz a daughter of Buffie's – so cute! 

Liz & dog left his morning  – then Marian & I came to fairgrounds to Van & Cycle show – which she had entered van in – in hopes of selling it!  This place – what an experience – all kinds of freaky people – loved band playing – and me writing letters on Meth. Church stationery!!

Exactly what are your plans for June – do you need the Buick?  What school will you be going to? Will your friend Steve also be going to school?

Been home lately?  I'm anxious to hear about what went on at the farm this last weekend – still can't get over all the kids coming back – that were there last summer & kept saying they were quitting every week –– We'll have a good summer –– Rest Assured!

Marian had a FIT when she heard about Deb P running the dining room – in fact she is writing Mr. R about it –  

Marian has lost about 25 lbs – she gave up her sweets – looks really good!  Liz is still the same –

How's school?  Grandma wrote me – saying how she "expected" me to be there March 15th, stay about 2 weeks – then she will be ready to go to Ohio – So as much as I'd like to stay out here – it seems I have my plans made for me –

Marian & Liz both say hello.  Liz & I met someone who used to work as a private investigator.  Talked about all the mafia activity here – Liz & I cracked up –

Write me here [Arizona] – I'll be here at least for a week ––


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