Monday, March 13, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Mar.8

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary V.,

Hi!  Glad to hear that you all got back to New Vienna ok.  Sorry that we haven't written sooner.  Things have been pretty quiet for us especially since Roberta left.  I thought we might have gotten a card from her by now but nothing yet.  Janice called us two days after Roberta left and said she thought Roberta was coming back that day and that Roberta had left something & what should she do about it.  Then the next day she called back and said the Y staff knew about what Roberta had left – evidently she left it on purpose.  We haven't heard from Janice since.

We took Dee Dee bowling Sunday and then went to Organ Power for pizza afterwards.  We had been there before but the food was much worse this time.  We split a lasagna dinner and a small pizza.  The lasagna sounded good but after a few bites I had had my fill.  And Gerry said the pizza was so awful I didn't even try it.  Even the salads were bad.  That's the last time we go there.  DeeDee didn't seem to mind it though.

We've really been eating up the sour dough.  We've had biscuits several times, Gerry made beef stew in the crock pot and we put sour dough dumplings on it.  Plus last night I made banana bread for the second time.  Maybe this weekend we'll try the pancakes or coffee cake.

I've been doing OK.  I go back to the Dr. on Friday.  We still haven't settled on a name if it's a girl.  Send us your suggestions!

We went looking for a kitchen table over the weekend but we didn't see any we liked.  We checked Levitz & another place.  this weekend we're going to try Wickes.

I have to start to work now.

Catherine & Gerry

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