Tuesday, March 21, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Mar. 18


Dear Family,

Well what do you all think about coming down next Wednesday night?  It sure would be nice if you could get it worked out!

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages.


  1. must change dentist appointment
  2. would have to get paper substitutes
  3.  to bring up Marilyn Thomas
  1. being able to be with your daughter longer (me)
  2. be able to hear meeting
  3. have better and more detailed look of school
  4. save on bus fare
  5. can stay with Evelyn Thomas – saving on lodging
  6. Mrs. Thomas's cooking is really great
  7. could come to my classes and meet teachers
  8. gym-ex is really something important!
  9. I really want you all to come
I'm not real sure how much you know about the gym-ex but it is an yearly affair that is always the night before spring vacation.  Some kids get working on acts and stuff at the beginning of the school year.  I'm in it but don't have any major part.  Alot of people come see it from the meeting on the Hill.

I checked and Catherine and Serena would both be able to stay in the dorm with me.  If they want to.  Kathy (my roommate) always sleeps with Roi anyway and somebody can sleep under the window on the mattress.

This week is C.P. week, do you know what I'm talking about?  Well, last Sunday we picked names out of a hat and that person we picked we do stuff for her without her finding out who we are.  I picked Teacher Marian's name, so far I have made her bed a couple of times, unrolled at night, sent her small little notes and told her to leave anything she wants ironed or shoes to be polished at her bed.  My C.P. has done alot for me, too.  We find out this Sunday who they are.

I'm sorry I haven't written very much this week but been busy and everything.  Gym-ex starts about 7:00 Wed. night.


P.S.  We see David and Lisa tomorrow night, then will have discussion groups about it then we will be able to see it again (if we want to).  

Was great talking to you on the telephone!

We would have discussion groups and seeing it the second time on Sunday, of course.

Please let me know as soon as possible that you can come up, we wouldn't be able to leave till after lunch on Thursday, which would be about 12:30

Marilyn Thomas is going to teach Spanish here next year.  Evelyn Thomas says you would have to call her dorm to get in touch with her.  She also says that she wouldn't have that much stuff.  Evelyn would be willing to pay you, you should get to know Sylavia's mother.  She paints and writes stories and sells them, very nice too!


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