Sunday, March 26, 2017

1987 MV's Letter -Mar.30

This letter appears to have been photocopied, so copies could have been sent to other family members.  The envelope attached show that this copy was sent to Mom & Dad in Ouro Preto, Brazil.

Dear Family,

Wow!  The weather sure changed – Last week in shirt sleeves and the sixties and now we are supposed to have 6" of snow tonight.  March is certainly leaving like a lion.

I thought about calling everyone instead of the letters, but I know H.H. will appreciate me considering the advantages and disadvantages and deciding in favor of the letters, but hearing from me is such a rarity that we might all have something to keep and show for it.

No, I have not heard from Asbury yet.  I fully expect to within the next week.  My friend, who applied to Asbury after I did, got her letter of acceptance just over a week a go.  She didn't have to have an audition tape for her major, though.

Tonight is a big t.v. night with the big Syracuse/Indiana Game and the Grammies (or is it emmies?!).  At any rate, I'm not watching either – There's some NBC Family Special on that basically serves the purpose of noise.

This coming weekend John (Zeller) and I are going to see Two by Two at La Comedia and then the next night Sandi Patti will be in Dayton, which I'm sure will be a highlight – I've never been to a concert which is totally Sandi Patti (I've seen her at the State Fair with the Gaithers).

Work is going well – Our annual Farm Edition is Wednesday and even with us working one person short, we outsold last year.  Not much else is new.  In case you're wondering, my mailing address is still Box 325.  (Think Serena and I are related?!?)

Love – Mary Va.

Mom and Dad –Happy Anniversary!  I'm still wondering where we'll be celebrating next year?!

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